7+ healthy reasons as to why you should be eating more eggs

Eggs - they are the foundation of the traditional American breakfast. They are used for French Toast, omelettes, egg scrambles and Eggs Benedict. They are even used to hold all your baked goods together.
The question arises, though, are they healthy? People know eggs contain cholesterol and some fat, yet eggs are actually really healthy for people to eat. Check out these 7+ reasons for eating eggs.
1. Source of vitamins. According to Healthline, eggs are an excellent source of vitamins A, B2, B12, B5, E, phosphorous and selenium.
2. Aids immune system. Medical News Today shares that selenium, vitamin A and vitamin B12 are key vitamins and minerals in keeping your immune system functioning at its peak.
3. Helps prevent cancer. Best health shares that women who eat an average of six eggs a week while in their adolescence decrease their chances of developing breast cancer by 44 percent.
4. Protects the eyes. Lutein and zeaxanthin are critical to preventing macular degeneration and cataracts. Prevention shares that eggs contain a good amount of these, helping to protect the eyes.
5. Lowers risk of heart disease. Although eggs contain some fat and cholesterol, Medical News Today points out that they also contain choline which helps break down the amino acid homocysteine, thought to contribute to heart disease.
6. Raises HDL. A benefit to eggs is that although they have cholesterol, Healthline states that they tend to raise the good cholesterol, HDL, which is key in keeping your bad cholesterol from adhering to the veins and arteries.
7. Aids in weight loss. Many tend to skip breakfast, thinking they will lose weight faster. Best health states that eating eggs for breakfast is actually the better way to go. Those who eat eggs in the morning tend to feel full longer during the day and, therefore, eat fewer calories.
8. Builds muscles. Protein is key to building muscle and repairing the small tears in muscle that happen with strength training. Prevention shares that eggs are an excellent source of protein and help with muscle building.
9. Keeps brain functioning. According to Medical News Today, the vitamins and minerals found in eggs help improve memory, brain function and nervous system function.
With so many benefits to eating eggs, be sure to enjoy yours in the morning.
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