5+ things you can do to keep your colon healthy

Colon cleansing has gained favor over the last 10 years, making its way as a trendy way to detox your body. Most colon cleanses use putting lots of water in the rectum to cause it to flush out any toxins contained in it.
Caution needs to be exercised when considering doing a colon cleanse, though. No evidence supports the idea that a cleanse helps, and it can have some dangerous side effects. Because the purpose of your bowel system is to remove toxins from your body, it doesn't need any help from a colon cleanse. What is recommended, to keep your colon healthy, is to change your diet. Here are 5+ ways you can keep your colon healthy and happy.
1. High fiber. To help keep things flowing smoothly, Harvard Medical School says you need to make sure you're getting enough fiber in your diet. Eating whole grains, bran, fresh fruit and a number of beans will help keep your colon healthy.
2. Water. WebMD reminds people to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Getting dehydrated keeps the colon from working well.
3. Alcohol. Another recommendation by WebMD is to limit your alcohol intake as it slows down your body. Drink in moderation.
4. Exercise. To keep your bowels functioning well, Medical News Today reminds you to get regular exercise. Sometimes that is the best remedy.
5. Smoking. Smoking has adverse affects on lots of bodily functions, and the colon is no exception. Medical News Today tells you to stop smoking as soon as possible.
6. Processed foods. According to the Mayo Clinic, another great way to keep your colon working well is to limit the amount of processed food you eat, consuming more "natural" foods in its place: fruits, vegetables, unprocessed meat, etc.
Having a healthy colon doesn't have to be uncomfortable or dangerous. Having a healthy lifestyle is really the key.
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