Why you should have lavender on hand for burns (+6 other home remedies)

Working in a kitchen, around an open flame or with hair styling tools leaves you open to eventually burning yourself. When that happens, knowing how to best treat your burn becomes extremely important.
For a serious burn, see a doctor right away. For minor burns, though, you can treat them at home. Here are 7 natural ways to take the burn out of the burn and encourage fast healing.
1. Cool water. The first thing you should do for a burn, according to Healthline, is to run cool water over your burn. This will reduce the temperature of the skin and keep it from burning further. It also helps lessen the burning feeling.
2. Peppermint oil. Because of peppermint oil's menthol capabilities, Mayo News recommends using it after you have used cold water to treat your burn. You can combine 3 drops of peppermint oil with 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel and slather that on the burn, or you can create a spray from 100 ml of water and 30 drops peppermint oil.
3. Lavender oil. Dr. Axe says to apply several drops of lavender oil to the burn three times a day to help it heal.
4. Aloe vera gel. The Mayo Clinic says that applying aloe vera gel directly to the burn should lessen the length of healing time for first- and second-degree burns.
5. Tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, so for a superficial burn, About Tea Tree Oil says to apply tea tree oil directly to the burn using a cotton ball. This will keep an infection from setting in.
6. Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E promotes collagen growth which is important to skin growth. LIVESTRONG says to apply vitamin E oil directly to the burn every one to four hours the first day and then two to three times a day for several days after.
7. White vinegar. Reader's Digest shares a rather unusual remedy. White vinegar is an astringent and contains acetic acid, a natural pain killer. Soak a paper towel in white vinegar and place that on the burn. You can also rub vinegar on the burn using a cotton swab.
Always keep some of these burn fighters on hand, and you'll never be caught unaware.
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