Mash three aspirin with a bit of water to create a paste that claims it'll do wonders for you (+ 5 home remedies)

Aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid, is one of the oldest pain killers around. It is used to relieve pain and to help prevent strokes, blood clots and heart attacks. As a medicine it's got a lot of great uses.
Sometimes people aren't content to leave the medicine in the medicine cabinet, though. They want to find more uses for what they have. That's not always a bad idea, but not every item has multiple uses. Aspirin would be one of those. Below are 5 home remedies that are being passed around and whether they work or not.
1. Keep flowers fresh. Getting a bouquet of fresh flowers can really brighten your day, but they tend to fade way too fast. FTD by Design tested various home remedies said to help keep flowers fresher longer. The best way is to put the flowers in the refrigerator every night before bed and taking them out in the morning. Crushing an aspirin and placing it in the water for the flowers didn't seem to harm the flowers, but the evidence was inconclusive as to whether it actually extended the life of the flowers.
2. Remove calluses. According to Dr. Oz, to remove stubborn calluses on your feet, you can make a paste from 6 crushed aspirin, lemon juice and water and apply the paste to the callus. Wrap it in a warm towel and plastic bag for 15 minutes. The callus is supposed to come off easily. WebMD cautions against putting crushed aspirin directly onto the skin as it is highly concentrated and can cause skin irritation.
3. Revive a dead battery. An old wives' tale that is being passed around for reviving a dead battery is to drop 2 aspirin into the battery. Community Car Talk says that it won't work and that with the way batteries are made today, you can't put aspirin in because the battery is sealed.
4. Dandruff control. To control dandruff, you are supposed to crush 2 aspirin and rub that into your wet hair for 1 to 2 minutes before washing your hair as usual. There is no actual evidence that it works, but WebMD says that a couple times a week you can rub baking soda into your scalp to control dandruff, instead.
5. Reduce acne. Probably the most popular fad being passed around for aspirin right now is making an acne fighting paste by crushing 1 aspirin and adding enough water to make a paste. Apply the paste to a pimple. WebMD says that this treatment should be avoided. The aspirin is very concentrated and may cause more harm than good.
Aspirin definitely has its uses, but keeping it relegated to a pain reliever is probably in order. Be smart about what home remedies you decide to try.
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