If you feel tired all the time, you should try one of these 7 home remedies

Do you struggle to get through the day without yawning? Does your body crave extra rest? What can you do to help yourself feel more rested and energized so you can get through the day at the top of your game?
You don't even need to leave your home to help yourself feel better. The 7 remedies listed below are sure to put some energy into your step -- and getting more energy may prove to be simpler than you thought.
1. Yoga. University Health Press states that yoga is ideal to help treat fatigue caused by fibromyalgia, anxiety or depression. It's not just for people with medical problems, however. Those who are perfectly healthy but struggle with chronic fatigue may find relief by practicing yoga.
2. Warm milk. Drinking warm milk before bed could boost your chances for a good night's sleep. WebMD points out that doctors and scientists aren't exactly sure why it works, but people who have used this tip claim that it does indeed help them sleep. If you're fatigued because you have trouble falling asleep -- or for any other reason, really -- try a glass of warm milk before you turn out the light.
3. Power nap. Sometimes all your body needs is a little energy boost. According to the National Sleep Foundation, taking a power nap for 20 or 30 minutes gives you the alertness you need to get through the rest of your day.
4. Energy snacks. When fatigue hits, snacking is a common way to try to stay awake. Unfortunately, too many people eat comfort foods at this point. WebMD recommends eating snacks that boost energy instead. Grab food items that are high in protein and fiber and low in carbohydrates.
5. Exercise. Although this may seem contradictory, if you are struggling with fatigue, maybe you need to start an exercise regimen. WebMD shares that regular exercise actually increases energy and reduces fatigue. Start slowly and build up to a reasonable amount of exercise -- this should definitely be on your list of tips.
6. Caffeine. Limiting caffeine or cutting it out all together might be in order if caffeine is interfering with your sleep and causing tiredness. Medical News Today recommends using caffeine sparingly.
7. Diet. What you eat affects your energy. Start your day with breakfast and eat three meals a day to fight fatigue, recommends Medical News Today. Avoid junk foods and crash diets, and instead eat a well-balanced diet to keep your energy level up.
Tiredness doesn't have to dog your steps all day long. Try these tips to get your energy back and put a bounce back in your step.
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