This one natural product can replace your makeup remover

Women tend to just love makeup. There's something about it that draws ladies in and enchants them. The reason is because makeup is wonderful, helping to even out skin tones and accent parts of the face that are captivating.
Unfortunately, at the end of the day, all that makeup has to come off. Getting it off can turn into something of a battle. Using coconut oil as a makeup remover, you can stop fighting your makeup and truly enjoy wearing it. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find out, though, that coconut oil is good for more than just getting rid of makeup.
1. Facial cleanser. Coconut oil has been proven to have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. This makes it ideal as a cleanser. Cosmopolitan recommends mixing equal parts of brown sugar and coconut oil together to create a facial scrub that will exfoliate and cleanse all at the same time.
2. Makeup remover. If you like to wear waterproof mascara, you know you need to use oil to remove it. Both Cosmopolitan and Dr. Axe recommend using coconut oil for makeup removal. You can wipe it on with a cotton ball or with your hands. Let it sit for a little bit and then rinse it off with warm water.
3. Face wash. If your skin is beyond the point of needing a facial scrub, you can use coconut oil by itself to cleanse your skin each night. Rub it straight onto your face and let it sit for a moment and then rinse it off. Dr. Axe highly recommends this to keep your face healthy.
4. Moisturizer. Coconut oil is known to have moisturizing properties, so using it as a face wash or makeup remover gets you the added benefit of moisturizing at the same time as washing. It's a two-in-one package deal, according to Prevention.
5. Pimple fighter. Because coconut oil has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, Dr. Axe points out that it's great for fighting pimples. Use it as a face wash, facial scrub, makeup remover or moisturizer.
6. Affordable. Unlike most face washes or makeup removers, coconut oil isn't expensive. The NCBI study that shows coconut oil's bacteria-fighting properties used virgin coconut oil, so that's what is recommended for skincare. A 10-ounce jar of coconut oil can be purchased through Swanson Vitamins for just $9.89, just $.71 per ounce. Even the least expensive makeup removers come in at about $1.05 per ounce.
7. Versatile. Coconut oil has many uses for your face, but that's just scratching the surface of what you can do with this wonderful product. It's great for cleaning, moisturizing, conditioning, cooking, and much, much more.
The next time you're wondering whether you should buy a new makeup product because it could be hard to remove, don't bat an eyelash. Go ahead and grab it. If you're using coconut oil, you shouldn't have any trouble at all. You'll have healthy looking skin and extra money in your pocket!
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