10 plank variations that will strengthen and tone every inch of your body

The plank is one of the best all-around exercises. Not only does it work every part of your body, you don't need any equipment for a basic plank, so you can do this exercise anywhere. Done properly, it's the perfect workout to strengthen your core and back, and it improves coordination, according to Livestrong.
If you're looking to spice up your exercise routine, check out these variations of the trainer-favored exercise.
1 . Standard plank (high)
Follow along with each video, so you learn the proper form.
2. Side plank
3. Forearm plank
4. Reverse plank
Get a different view with the reverse variation on the plank.
5. Walking plank
6. Chaturanga plank
7. Side plank high
8. Single arm plank
9. Plank rollout
10. Bird dog plank
Resources Live Strong and Real Simple
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