Consider: 10 signs of Vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin A is found in many fruits and vegetables commonly available to people today, yet most people don't think too much whether they are getting enough of it in the food they consume. Many don't ever think about the possible consequences that can arise from not getting sufficient vitamin A in their diet.
Contained in green, leafy vegetables, orange vegetables, eggs, and cantaloupe, vitamin A is crucial to both the eye's and the body's health, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). If you suffer from the 10 symptoms below, you should check and see if you're getting enough vitamin A in your diet.
1. Night blindness. The AAO states that vitamin A is responsible for the eye being able to see the "full spectrum of light." Without sufficient vitamin A in the diet, the eye can't produce the receptors needed to see properly at night.
2. Hazy vision. According to DermNet New Zealand, vitamin A deficiencies can also cause a thickening of the cornea which causes things to appear hazy or cloudy.
3. Corneal sores. DermNet goes on to say that sores on the cornea of the eye can also start out as blisters or pustules and advance from there.
4. Respiratory infections. Merck Manual shares that vitamin A deficiencies can also cause respiratory infections.
5. Impaired immune system. Vitamin A is one of the vitamins that helps the body fight sickness. According to the AAO, those with a vitamin A deficiency have a greater risk of dying from malaria, measles, and diarrhea.
6. Dry hair. Patient reports that dry hair may be a sign of vitamin A deficiencies.
7. Brittle nail. Nails are also affected by vitamin A, and Patient points out that nails can become brittle without enough of this crucial vitamin.
8. Dry skin. DermNet states that skin can become dry and thicken, especially around the hair follicles. Someone with a vitamin A deficiency may see large patches of scaly skin with a whitish, flaky look to the surface.
9. Stunted growth. For children, the symptoms are more severe. Often children who don't get enough vitamin A have stunted growth, according to Merck Manual.
10. Blindness. Another symptom unique to children, according to the AAO, is complete blindness that could otherwise have been prevented.
Making sure you eat a balanced diet is important for all your body's needs. Take an extra helping of spinach or carrots and remind yourself that your body thanks you. If you or someone you love is experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, you may want to consider whether a visit to your doctor's is in order.
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