10 home remedies for sunburn

Summertime has hit, and that means time at the beach and fun in the sun. Unfortunately, that can also mean a sunburn. The best defense against a sunburn is to put on sunscreen when you're headed outside; but if you forget, and end up with a burn, don't despair.
Although sunburns can be extremely painful, they can be treated with a lot of things you probably have in your home. When the sun strikes again, head to the kitchen and try one of the following 10 home remedies to find some soothing relief.
1. Milk. Milk is for more than strong bones. According to MedicineNet, a cool milk compress can help take the sting out of the burn by creating a protein film on the surface of the skin.
2. Cucumber paste. MedicineNet points out that cucumbers have natural pain relieving properties. Take some cucumbers and blend them in a blender to create a paste that can be put on sunburned areas.
3. Cornstarch paste. Cornstarch is another option if cucumbers aren't handy. MedicineNet recommends mixing it with water to form a paste that can be smeared on sunburns.
4. Lettuce. Prevention shares that lettuce has natural pain relieving abilities. Rather than making a paste, boil the lettuce leaves and then strain them out. After the water cools, use a cotton ball or rag to smear the water on the sunburned surfaces.
5. Aloe vera. Although doctors don't understand why it works, Prevention states that aloe vera has many medicinal properties and is great for cuts and burns. If you have the plant, break off a leaf and smear the gel on the burn. Otherwise, grab some aloe vera gel at the store and slather it on.
6. Hydrocortisone cream. This can be purchased at any over-the-counter drug store. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps soothe the burned skin.
7. Cold compress/bath. As with any burn, applying a simple cold compress will take a lot of the discomfort out. Prevention recommends changing the compress every 15 minutes.
8. Don't peel. Although peeling is tempting, don't do it. Prevention states that by peeling, air hits the nerve endings on the new skin, creating extra discomfort. Peeling may also increase chances of infections.
9. Vitamin E. Vitamin E has both antioxidants and is an anti-inflammatory. MedicineNet recommends either rubbing vitamin E oil directly onto the skin or taking some supplements orally.
10. Hydrate. Sunburns dry out the skin. Prevention reminds you to eat foods that are high in fluids and drink plenty of water.
The enjoyment of summer fun can be spoiled by a bad sunburn. Take the sting out of summer by knowing how to treat a sunburn at home. Of course, if the burn is really bad, know when to seek medical attention.
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