7 killer exercises you can do at home while you clean

Being stuck in a house all day can soon turn your muscles into flab if you're not careful. To stay in shape, you don't need expensive exercise equipment or a gym membership. All you really need is a little imagination and some initiative.
Ordinary, everyday housework that has to be done anyway lends itself to all kinds of exercises that will keep you toned and looking good. The 7 exercises below are easy to do and will keep your house clean as well.
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1. Stair steps.
Rather than taking your time walking up the stairs, POLTI recommends moving briskly, making the most of your workout opportunity.
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2. Squats.
Putting clothes, towels and dishes away throughout the day lends itself to doing multiple repetitions of squats, strengthening the quads and buttocks.
3. Lunges.
The Maid Brigade turns vacuuming into lunge exercises. Stretch out while bending your knees to 90 degrees. Switch hands every five repetitions.
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4. Tricep curls.
Rather than taking extra time to work out with weights, Weight Watchers recommends doing tricep curls with soup cans as you put them away on shelves or as you rearrange the pantry.
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5. Windmills.
Another Maid Brigade technique is using the "wax on, wax off" principle when washing windows and mirrors. Make big circles with your arms to tone your muscles.
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6. Cardiovascular workout.
Get your heart rate up while vacuuming. POLTI says to put on some upbeat music and dance while you vacuum.
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7. Work out.
Rather than use "laborsaving"devices, put the labor back in. Weight Watcher commends doing chores the old-fashioned way: chop by hand, dry by hand, and stir and beat with a spoon.
By actively thinking about how you can make each chore a workout, you can keep in shape and clean all at the same time. For more workout ideas, check out the video below!
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