Have a fish bone caught in your throat? Here's how to fix it

For seafood fans eating fresh fish is the best way to enjoy all of the flavors. One of the biggest downers about enjoying a fresh filet is getting a bone caught in your throat. While most fish bones are tiny and mainly annoying, they can be problematic.
Getting a fish bone out of your throat can feel impossible because it's so small and can get stuck in the skin of your throat, but there are several home remedies you can try safely.
Note: Never use a utensil or other foreign object to try and dislodge the bone.
1. Cough
Your body will naturally want to cough, and that's a good reaction. The forced air could loosen the bone from your throat.
2. Eat bread
If you've ever used a piece of bread to clean up broken glass, you know it's a pretty effective trick. The bread is soft enough to allow the glass to stick to the surface. The same thing is true of fish bones. Try eating chunks of bread- but don't chew them too small. The bread may dislodge the bone as you swallow, according to DW.
3. Try olive oil
It sounds a bit gross, but olive oil is a great lubricant and it's edible. As a bonus, oils don't dissolve quickly so it works better than water or milk. Oils are heavier than other liquids too which may make the bones heavier so they'll dislodge naturally.
4. Try a marshmallow
You might as well enjoy trying to dislodge that bone, so grab a fluffy marshmallow. The thick and spongy texture of this sweet treat can dislodge the bone. (You may need to eat a handful of them to dislodge the bone.)
5. Seek medical attention
If you can't get rid of the fishbone and it doesn't dislodge naturally, you may want to speak to a doctor. Leaving the bone in your throat could cause an infection. If you experience a sore throat or other symptoms several days or weeks after dislodging a bone, see a medical professional.
Don't be afraid to enjoy a good piece of fish! Just keep an eye out for the tiny bones and use one of these tricks when you need to rid your throat of the pesky irritant. Make sure to share these tips with your friends on Facebook!
Resources Banner Image Credit, DW, and NCBI
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