What your eyes say about your health: 6 key points

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but they can also tell you a few things about your health that may surprise you. Like other parts of your body, your eyes may show symptoms of different problems because of the way they are wired to the rest of your system. In particular, your eyes rely on the vascular system (for blood flow) the muscular system (for movement) and the nervous system (your brain), according to Sciencing.
From vision changes to odd appearances and/or swelling, paying attention to what your eyes look like can make it easier to identify what's normal and what's not.
1. Blood spot
If you notice a red splotch on the white of your eye, you might fear the worst. But, according to WebMD, this is usually just a sign of bruising under the surface of the eye and will clear up within a few weeks. If it gets worse, you begin having vision problems, or you are worried, call your eye doctor for a quick visit, just to be sure.
2. Your vision suddenly gets blurry
A sudden loss of vision may indicate that the blood between your eyes and your brain is not flowing properly. If this happens, you should get immediate medical attention. If your vision gets blurry and fixes quickly, you should still contact a doctor as it could be a warning of a stroke. People with migraines may also experience sudden vision loss before the onset of a headache, according to WebMD.
3. Ring around the cornea of your eye
If you look in the mirror and notice a gray to white line around the cornea of your eye, this could indicate the presence of fat deposits and a condition called corneal arcus. This ring does not cause vision problems and in people over 40, it's not usually a concern. However, in younger people, this ring could indicate elevated cholesterol levels, according to Master Eye Associates.
4. Drooping Lids
Drooping eyelids may be a sign of a condition in which your immune system weakens your muscles. This condition, myasthenia gravis, can attack muscles in your face, eyes, neck, throat, and legs, according to the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America. If you experience this symptom along with muscle weakness or extreme fatigue, consider making an appointment with your doctor.
5. Yellow eyes
Yellow whites of the eyes could indicate jaundice, which means there are problems with your liver. Jaundice is relatively common in newborns. While infants will be treated for jaundice, most adults are only treated for the condition causing it, according to WebMD.
6. Twitching eyes
Slight muscle twitches (even the repeated pulsing) can be annoying, but it's common and typically harmless. These twitches could mean that you need more sleep, less caffeine or need to cut ties with the tobacco. In severe cases, it could indicate a more serious illness like MS, but the twitching is accompanied by other symptoms elsewhere (like difficulty walking or talking), according to WebMD.
Your eyes can tell you a lot about a person, but they can tell you a lot about yourself too. If you have any concerns about your eyes or any other symptoms, make sure to speak with a medical professional. And, don't forget to share these symptoms with your friends on Facebook.
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