12 surprising and unexpected uses for toothpaste

You won't believe just how versatile your toothpaste can be. According to Colgate, toothpaste contains fluoride and abrasive ingredients that strengthen enamel and scrub the teeth without scratching them. These ingredients have applications that extend way beyond your mouth.
These 12 surprising and unexpected uses for toothpaste will have you smearing the minty stuff all over your body and your house. Let's take a closer look at the power of toothpaste.
1. Whiten finger nails. If your nails are yellowing, follow the advice of Life Hacker and scrub them with a squirt of toothpaste.
2. Treat acne. Use a clean finger to dab toothpaste onto acne. According to Reader's Digest, the blemish should clear the following morning.
3. Relieve an itch. Toothpaste is a fantastic home remedy for itchy bug bites, says Reader's Digest.
4. Heal a bruise. Coupon Sherpa says lotion mixed with toothpaste is a great home remedy for bruises. Apply the solution to the bruise and cover with an ace bandage before going to bed. Wash the skin in the morning and repeat for up to three nights.
5. Deodorize hands. If you've been handling fish, garlic, or any other smelly substance, deodorize your hands by gently scrubbing them with toothpaste, as recommended by Coupon Sherpa.
6. Eliminates scruff marks. If your linoleum is plagued by scruff marks, scrub the surface with toothpaste. Coupon Sherpa says this strategy also works on floorboards and drywall.
7. Remove carpet stains. Don't panic! Get the toothpaste. Reader's Digest says scrubbing toothpaste into a carpet stain using a toothbrush or sponge is an excellent home remedy. Rinse the stain with water and repeat the toothpaste treatment as needed.
8. Clean refrigerator seals. Refrigerator seals, if not cared for properly, can get fairly grimy. Clean them up by scrubbing with a whitening toothpaste, as recommended by Coupon Sherpa.
9. Clean a clothes iron. Maintain the bottom plate of your clothes iron using toothpaste. Reader's Digest says this method works because the mild abrasive in toothpaste makes the gunk melt away. Be sure to only clean the iron when it is unplugged and cool. When you are finished scrubbing the iron with toothpaste, take care to rinse with water.
10. Shine chrome. Make chrome fixtures look like new when you rub them with toothpaste, says Coupon Sherpa. This home remedy also works for silver and brass.
11. Remove lipstick stains. Reader's Digest says to apply non-gel toothpaste to a lipstick or pen stain and then vigorously rub the fabric together. Rinse with water. If the stain remains, repeat the process until the stain is lifted completely.
12. Eliminate water rings. Coupon Sherpa suggests using a soft cloth treated with toothpaste to get rid of water rings. Wipe up the toothpaste with a clean, damp cloth, and then shine the surface using olive oil.
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