12 clever home hacks involving Windex. Change the way you clean forever

The dad in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" may have had something right when he said, "Put some Windex on it." While we're not advocating Windex as a cure-all, we are here to share 10 clever home remedies involving Windex:
1. Stain remover for dirty clothes. To lift stains, spray the clear variety of Windex directly onto the spot. Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning says to let the Windex soak in for 15 minutes before washing the garment as you would normally.
2. Degrease your kitchen. Windex can be used all over your kitchen because it has potent caustic ingredients that work as degreasers. Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning suggests spraying it on your countertops, range hood and kitchen fan, as well as pots and pans. You don't want to ingest Windex, so take extra care to thoroughly clean the Windex off all surfaces that come into contact with food.
3. Bling cleaner. What magical potion can clean dirty rings? A combination of Windex, some dish soap, a toothbrush, and microwave magic. Full tutorial here.
4. Clean microfiber. Just need 2 items for this hack! Windex and brush. Easy as that! Full tutorial here.
5. Whiteboard eraser. When dry erase markers dry, they can be nearly impossible to clean. Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning reminds teachers everywhere of the power of cleaning a whiteboard using Windex.
6. Clean a toilet bowel. Windex can be fairly powerful on a toilet bowel. Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning says to spray Windex into the toilet and let it sit for 5 minutes. Scrub as usual to remove the toughest of stains.
7. Bug spray. Keep bugs at bay with Windex. HouseholdHacker suggests spraying Windex at entry points to keep ants and other critters outside.
8. Unstick a zipper. HouseholdHacker recommends rubbing a Q-tip soaked in Windex around the zipper. It will eventually come free.
9. Shine stainless steel. Are your stainless steel appliances looking a little dull? Bright Nest recommends refreshing them with Windex for a streak-free shine.
10. Clean electronics. Frequently used electronics like cell phones and computers can be breeding grounds for germs. Disinfect, while making them look like new, with Windex, says Bright Nest.
11. Fix your printer. A common printer problem is a clogged printer head. Bright Nest says to clean it by spraying a papertowiel with Windex and placing it over the paper head overnight. Do this when the printer is turned off and unplugged. Be sure the printer head is dry before installing a new ink cartridge and turning the printer back on.
12. Loosen a ring. If a ring is stuck on your finger, don't panic. Follow the advice of HouseholdHacker and simply spray Windex on the finger. It should slide off easily.
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