How to make a cabbage wrap for cramps, sprains and joint pain

Cabbage is one of the more overlooked vegetables. But according to Medical News Today, this is a huge oversight. It protects against radiation and cancer and contains a megadose of vitamin K, magnesium, and folate. The sturdy leafs make cabbage good for more than just eating. It can also be used to make a healing wrap.
The below video from Health Reach Productions demonstrates how to make a poultice from your new favorite vegetable. First, peel the leaves and cut out the thick stem. Beat the leaf until it is pliable and soft. Then, lay the leaves on a plastic wrap and then simply wrap the leaves around the targeted body part, using the plastic wrap to secure the cabbage in place.
Continue reading to learn the different uses of a cabbage wrap!
1. Arthritis and joint pain. Earth Clinic claims cabbage wraps are useful in relieving joint pain. Use an ace bandage or cohesive tape to further secure the plastic-wrapped cabbage around painful knees. It is advised to change the wrap every few hours during the day.
2. Sprained ankle or wrist. The pain from a sprained ankle or wrist can be mitigated with the use of a cabbage wrap. Earth Clinic recommends wearing a cabbage wrap at night and removing it in the morning to allow the skin to breath before applying a fresh wrap.
3. Infection. When using a cabbage wrap to treat an infection, do not cover with plastic wrap and be careful to change the wrap every two hours. If you notice red streaks, increased swelling or fever, Earth Clinic emphasizes the importance of seeking immediate medical attention.
4. Mastitis. For painful breast infection, Earth Clinic recommends applying cabbage leaves directly to the breast inside the bra. Replace the leaves as they become limp. Daily Mail also advocates this method for breast tenderness during pregnancy and your menstrual cycle.
5. Ingrown toenails. Wrapping cabbage leaves around ingrown toenails can help remove pus and heal the infection. Daily Health Post recommends covering the plastic-wrapped cabbage with a sock and letting it work its magic overnight. Remove the leaves in the morning and follow with an Epsom salt for best results.
6. Swollen calves. If you've just stepped off a plane and are suffering from the pounding pain of swollen calves, Healthy Holistic Living recommends applying a cabbage wrap around the calves and resting with the legs elevated for up to 1 hour.
7. Menstrual cramps. Placing cabbage leaves cooled in the fridge over the abdomen can have a soothing effect on menstrual cramps. If your body responds better to heat, Daily Mail recommends blanching the leaves in boiling water or placing them in the microwave before lying them over the abdomen.
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