Exercises to reduce fat around bra line 

Fat loves to hide out in the most inconvenient places--including your bra line! The dreaded bulge in this area not only makes it difficult to find clothing that fits, but it can also be a real confidence killer for people who are otherwise active and healthy. 
As with any problem area, the trick is to focus on exercises that work those muscles. Here, we will take a look at some exercises that strengthen your body and reduce fat near your chest. 
1. T-raises 
Strengthening your back will help reduce fat around your bra line. According to an article from Shape, all you need are a couple of 2-3 pound dumbells to complete this move. Allow your body to propel forward as you bend your knees slightly. Bring the weights together in front of your with your palms facing forward. Then, lift the weights up to your shoulder height and be careful to keep your arms straight and your glutes engaged. 
2. Mountain climbers 
An article from You Beauty says that mountain climbers are a great full body workout that really engages the back, shoulders, and chest area.To do, start in the plank position and then raise your knee toward your chest. Jump your legs as you switch to the other knee. 
3. Tricep pulses
Looking for a way to workout your triceps and reduce bra bugle? Try this move. An article from The Gym KC describes this move as a good option to tone the arms and back area. Start by holding a dumbell in each hand with your arms to your side. Twist the dumbells so your arms are behind your and your palms are up. Lift the dumbells up as you stand tall. 
4. Single-arm raises 
This move really gets your blood pumping. According to Shape, you should start by holding a dumbell in one had and bending your body forward slightly. Raise the dumbell toward your chest as you bend your elbow. Be sure to keep your shoulder blades down and the movement controlled. 
5. Dumbbell fly press on incline 
You Beauty says that this exercise is most effective because of the added weight and incline. To do, lie with your back at a slight incline. You can achieve this by adjusting a weight bench or by using a wedge. Raise your arms straight up and keep your elbows straight. Then open your arms so that they are stretching away from your body. This move engages the pectoral muscles and burns fat while lifting the bust. 
Ready to rid your body of bra bulge? Start these exercises today! Be sure to share with your friends. 
Resources You Beauty, Shape, and The Gym KC
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