13 awesome benefits of cucumbers

Everyone knows that eating healthy keeps the body strong. Exercise and a healthy diet have been recommended by doctors for years. In recent years, people have been paying attention to the benefits of specific fruits and vegetables. Eating a properly balanced diet can be a challenge sometimes, but knowing the benefits of specific fruits and vegetables can help you discipline yourself to eat right.
Part of the same family as melons and squash, cucumbers have several useful attributes. The World's Healthiest Foods reports that cucumbers have been found to be high in lignans and cucurbitacins. Research shows that lignans might help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and a number of cancers. Cucurbitacins also appear to have anticancer properties. Cucumbers have a number of other benefits:
1. Cucumbers help you keep extra hydrated
Health reports that the cucumber has a water content 96.7 percent, making it the solid food with the highest water content. Eating plenty of cucumbers helps rehydrate the body on hot summer days.
2. Cucumbers may help prevent some types of cancer
The International Journal of Health Sciences published a study that tested claims on whether cucurbitacins had cancer-fighting properties. According to the study, these plants have "been shown to inhibit proliferation" in cancer cell models. The Journal for Cancer Research has shown that cucumbers contain fisetin, and that appears to slow the progression of prostate cancer.
3. Cucumbers support weight loss
Since cucumbers are made up of mostly water, Healthsomeness states that cucumbers are very low in actual calories. When trying to lose weight, keeping the calorie count down is critical, so eating foods that are low in calories is a great benefit.
4. Cucumbers support bone health
To help build strong bones, Health e Solutions states that cucumbers are high in vitamin C and silica. Silica is supposed to work along with calcium and vitamin D to help create strong bones. Vitamin C is said to be important in the development of bones as well.
5. Cucumbers help lower blood pressure
According to Mercola.com, since cucumbers are high in potassium, they might help in lowering blood pressure. Being high in vitamin B means that they also help in lowering stress and, thereby, lowering blood pressure as well.
6. Cucumbers promote healthy skin
Medical News Today states that cucumbers seem to help alleviate puffy and irritated skin when applied topically. Using either slices or a cucumber paste to help with a sunburn may also be worth a try.
7. Cucumbers have plenty of antioxidants
Mercola.com reports that cucumbers are high in common antioxidants like vitamin C and beta-carotene. Cucumbers also have quercetin, apigenin, luteolin and kaempferol. These antioxidants purportedly do everything from act as natural antihistamines to help fight cancer.
8. Cucumbers may help prevent Alzheimer's disease
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies released an article saying that fruits and vegetables high in fisetin appear to help keep memory loss from happening in mice that were being tested with alternative Alzheimer's disease treatments. Although cucumbers won't cure Alzheimer's or even stop the formation of "amyloid plaques in the brain," which is blamed for the disease, scientists hope that maybe the compound can be used to help slow the progression of the disease.
9. Cucumbers help keep you regular
For those who struggle with constipation, LiveStrong reports that drinking cucumber water will help keep you regular. The fiber in cucumbers is supposed to bind with the water and make your stool softer.
10. Cucumbers support healthy muscles
Since cucumber contains silica, and silica helps keep muscles healthy, La Jolla Mom suggests drinking cucumber water to keep your muscles strong.
11. Cucumbers help with annoying hangovers
Well Gal points out that alcohol dehydrates your body. For those who have had too much alcohol, she suggests drinking cucumber water because it naturally rehydrates the body.
12. Cucumbers are a natural diuretic
Not only are cucumbers supposed to be great for rehydrating your body, but Well Gal also points out that they are natural diuretics and will help your body get rid of extra water that is being retained, making you feel bloated.
13. Cucumbers help digestion
For those who struggle with digestive issues "like acidity, heartburn, gastritis and even ulcers," Nature Heals recommends drinking cucumber water daily.
Best and easiest cucumber water recipes 
For those who want to try cucumber water, The Food Network has a simple recipe. It recommends using English cucumbers. To a two-quart pitcher of water, add one cucumber, thinly sliced. Let it chill for 2 to 4 hours. Before serving, strain the water and add fresh cucumber slices.
For a slightly fancier recipe, WikiHow has you take a cucumber and wash it thoroughly. Once it is clean, cut the cucumber in half at its middle and hollow out the seeds. Slice the cucumber so that you have rings and place the rings in a pitcher of water. The recipe recommends letting the water stand for at least an hour and refrigerating it before serving. If you want some extra flavor or color, add mint, berries or citrus. You can make the recipe using seltzer water, too.
Drinking cucumber water is an easy way to get the healthful properties of cucumbers and your daily quota of water all at once. The fact that it tastes good, too, earns it a few brownie points. Being healthy just got a little easier. 
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