Make lavender lemonade for headaches and anxiety

Your next remedy for stress and headaches could be hanging out in your garden, not your medicine cabinet. Instead of swallowing a pain reliever, head outside and grab a bunch of lavender and lemon and mix up a tasty summer lemonade, like the one in the video below. This powerhouse blend can help relieve stress, ease depression symptoms, lessen anxiety and help reduce headaches, according to Food Hacks. 
Lavender, a member of the mint family, is a light pink or purple flowering plant that contains a plethora of essential oils. The oils have healing properties in addition to a pleasant smell, according to Organic Facts. 
Simply grinding the leaves and flowers of the plants between your fingers and rubbing the oil on your head can help reduce headaches and lower stress levels. Or you can steep the flowers in a tea to release antioxidants that aid in lowering stress hormones in the body. Lavender tea has been used to aid in sleep and relaxation for "thousands of years," according to Organic Facts. 
To make a tasty lemonade: Place flowers from a lavender plant upside down in water for 15 minutes. While the lavender soaks, cut two lemons in half and juice them into 1 cup of water. Combine lavender mixture (sans flowers) with the lemon-water mixture and a bit of honey, or other sweetener, in a glass jar. Place a lid on the jar and shake well. (If you don't have any Mason jars, try using clean glass peanut butter or jam jars.) 
Add a bit of ice and a lemon slice to finish. 
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