9 natural beauty benefits of saving those orange peels

Read this before throwing out your orange peels! Did you know that orange peels actually have a number of health benefits? You may be surprised to know that those citrus-scented shells can benefit your health and wellness in a number of ways. If you are looking for a low-cost, natural solutions for your health then you'll want to check this out!
Believe it or not, oranges and their peels have been used through the ages for many medicinal purposes. Are you ready to learn more? Let's take a peek at a few ways that orange peels can benefit you. 
1. Teeth Whitening
If you want a low-cost teeth whitening solution, then don’t throw out those orange peels! The Health Site indicates that oranges have teeth whitening properties that can work to remove stains from your teeth. Rub the peels on your teeth and watch as your smile brightens. 
2. Good For Digestive Health
According to Oprah, oranges and their peels are packed with fiber. This can help promote proper digestion and curb diarrhea. 
3. Treats Insomnia
Oranges are an excellent source of aromatherapy that can be used to stop a number of ailments. Insomnia is one of them according to Livestrong. You can deeply inhale the scent of the peels for relief. 
4. Clears Blackheads
If you don’t already have orange peels in your beauty routine, you should definitely start using them. The astringent properties found in orange peels work to remove dead cells and blackheads. Rub the peels directly on your face to promote healthy skin. 
5. Treats Dandruff
Stylecraze indicates that orange peels work as a natural moisturizer and can help curb dandruff on the scalp. Grind up orange peel and leave on your hair overnight for desired results. 
6. Helps with Asthma
Asthma is a condition that can make it difficult to breathe. According to Stylecraze, orange peels work to remove a build-up of mucus and phlegm which can help treat asthma. 
7. Soothes Headaches
Are you prone to headaches? You may want to take a whiff of orange peels. According to Stylecraze, the scent of orange peels works as aromatherapy to reduce headaches and curb symptoms of anxiety and depression. 
8. Curbs Bad Breath
If you have stinky breath, allow the citrus scent of the orange peel to replace it. Simply rub the orange peel on your teeth and gums and your will immediately smell much better. 
9. Protects From Cancer
According to The Health Site, consuming orange peels may help protect your body from colon cancer. The orange peel woks by binding toxic chemicals in foods which limit the exposure to intestinal mucus membranes. 
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