13 health benefits of celery

The crisp crunch of celery makes for a great snack, but there's more to that green stalk than meets the eye. In fact, you may be surprised to find out that celery has a number of benefits that can have a huge impact on your health. Read on to see why you should include celery on your next shopping list. 
1. Supports bone strength
Celery packs a punch when it comes to bone health. There are a number of nutrients found in the little stalks that promote strengthening your skeleton -- including vitamin K, which allows the bones to absorb calcium. 
2. Supports a healthier immune system
Don't skimp on celery during flu season. According to an article published in Organic Facts, the high concentration of vitamin C makes celery an excellent source for boosting your immune system. Eating celery regularly can help you combat symptoms of the common cold and other illnesses. 
3. Helps maintain healthier joints
Complete with anti-inflammatory properties, celery makes for the perfect snack for someone suffering from arthritis or other joint issues. The nutrients in this common vegetable help reduce swelling and pain around the problem joints. 
4. May help prevent some types of cancer
Studies have shown that celery has properties that may help prevent certain types of cancers. An article published by the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences discusses the benefits of celery in regard to pancreatic cancer cells. The report explains how the stalk has cancer-fighting flavonoids, which can help fight against cancer cells. A separate report discussed in Medical News Today describes how celery contains a cancer-fighting compound, apigenin. 
5. Assists in healthy weight loss
At only 16 calories, a serving of celery can help individuals who are striving for weight loss. In fact, while celery is low in calories, it is high in fiber, making it a filling food source and an excellent option for curbing overeating. 
6. Supports healthy blood vessels 
Phthalides, a common compound, are found in celery. This compound works to reduce the stress in blood vessels, which results in lower blood pressure. 
7. Supports a healthier digestive tract
According to  The World's Healthiest Foods, celery contains nonstarch polysaccharides, which produce anti-inflammatory properties that help maintain a healthy digestive tract. 
8. Contains lots of antioxidants
Celery is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are important to overall health, including many of those mentioned here, especially in terms of digestive and blood vessel health. 
9. Helps grow healthier nails
Due to the sheer amount of nutrients found in celery, it is an excellent source for people wanting longer nails. 
10. May help relieve stress 
According to a Care2 article, celery can help you manage and reduce stress. The magnesium found in the green stalk helps calm the nervous system. In fact, eating a bite or two before bed can help you sleep better! 
11. Helps grow healthier hair
Want stronger, healthier hair? Celery could be your best friend. The minerals and nutrients packed in this small vegetable can help your hair grow.
12. Supports cardiovascular health
Good cardiovascular health is important. According to The World's Healthiest Foods, celery is great for heart health. Stress and inflammation can both impact your heart. However, because celery has anti-inflammatory and stress-reducing properties, regular consumption can help protect the heart. 
13. May reduce inflammation
Celery has gained a healthy reputation because of antioxidant properties that greatly reduce inflammation. Inflammation can impact various parts of the body, including the digestive tract, heart and joints. Celery can potentially help curb side effects associated with a number of serious health conditions. 
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