If you're are lactose intolerant here are 6 things you should be doing

Unfortunately, for many people who love milk and ice cream, milk and ice cream don't love them. The main sugar found in dairy is called lactose, and many people have trouble breaking down that sugar. The result is your body rebels when you eat or drink things that have dairy.
Symptoms of lactose intolerance include cramps, bloating, gas, migraines, acne and diarrhea that hit within 30 minutes to two hours after consuming products containing dairy. You don't have to just suffer in silence or simply avoid eating anything dairy, though. Here are 6 things you can do to eliminate your lactose suffering.
1. Lactose-reduced dairy products. If you suffer from lactose intolerance, the Mayo Clinic recommends trying lactose-reduced dairy products. These will have fewer of the sugars that you are unable to digest which means less discomfort.
2. Organic fermented dairy. Another way to help yourself out is to try organic fermented dairy products. Dr. Axe says that the fermented dairy "improves the digestibility of the lactose, fats and proteins in dairy."
3. Wise dairy eating. The Mayo Clinic recommends picking your dairy wisely. Not all dairy products contain the same amount of lactose, so you may find you can eat certain foods without any, or significantly less, discomfort. Hard cheeses and cultured products are usually easier on the digestive system. Keep track of the dairy you eat and how you respond so you know what you can eat.
4. Goats milk. If you can't do any dairy, Dr. Axe recommends an alternative. Goats milk can generally be consumed by those who can't drink or use regular dairy products.
5. Lactase enzyme. WebMD says to consider using a lactase enzyme like Lactose to help your stomach digest the sugars found in dairy.
6. Probiotic. Adding a probiotic to your supplement regimen may become the solution, says the Mayo Clinic. Probiotics are "living organisms present in your intestines that help maintain a healthy digestive system." With the proper probiotic, you may find you don't need a lactase enzyme.
You don't have to just suffer through discomfort when eating dairy, nor do you have to simply avoid it all the time either. You have a lot of options to help you live with your lactose intolerance successfully.
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