6 insanely easy videos you can do right now that work out every inch of your body

1. 5 exercises you can do right at home to tone your arms
2. 5 insanely easy exercises to help blast away the fat from those love handles
3. 9 super simple exercises to help tighten up your tummy at home
4. It takes just 4 mins a day to do: Try this 28-day planking challenge for a stronger body
5. Forget going to the gym. Here are 15 easy yoga exercises you can do at home
6. 8 exercises you can do at home right now to tone your legs and butt fast
7. 5 extremely easy exercises to get rid of double chin and neck fat
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Crunches work up to seven different muscle groups, but they shouldn't be the only tool in your workout arsenal.
September 19   ·  
September 11   ·  
Whether you're running kids to school, heading off to work, caring for a parent or tackling any of the dozens of other tasks on your to-do list, you likely have at least six minutes to spare in the morning.
September 3   ·