6 insanely easy videos you can do right now that work out every inch of your body

1. 5 exercises you can do right at home to tone your arms
2. 5 insanely easy exercises to help blast away the fat from those love handles
3. 9 super simple exercises to help tighten up your tummy at home
4. It takes just 4 mins a day to do: Try this 28-day planking challenge for a stronger body
5. Forget going to the gym. Here are 15 easy yoga exercises you can do at home
6. 8 exercises you can do at home right now to tone your legs and butt fast
7. 5 extremely easy exercises to get rid of double chin and neck fat
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Whether you're on the road a lot for work or you just never seem to have time to get in a workout, tossing a few resistance bands in your bag lets you take your workout with you, without having to lug around heavy weights.
December 8   ·  
The plank is one of the best all-around exercises. Not only does it work every part of your body, you don't need any equipment, so you can do this exercise anywhere.
December 7   ·  
If you've got 20 minutes, you can do some serious damage to your legs and butt with a good workout routine! You don't need to spend hours at the gym to give your booty the smack-down.
December 3   ·