7 surprising uses of aspirin

Most people know that popping an aspirin or two is a great way to kill a headache, ease tooth pain, or to prevent a heart attack in people with clotting disorders. But, those little white pills have even more uses than the over-the-counter pain reliever.
Store brands of Aspirin are cheap, so grab a bottle the next time you head to the store, so you have them on hand to tackle one of these tricks:
1. Wash your hair with aspirin
Chlorine may protect you from disease and bacteria, but this swimming pool cleaner isn't a friend to your hair. Bring the luster (and standard color) back to your light hair with an aspirin wash, demonstrated in the video below:
2. Use aspirin as a skin cleaner
Of course, a gnarly zit pops up on your face the day of your big presentation! Skip the sick call and grab an aspirin instead.
3. Repair dry wall
Save a few bucks (and a trip to the hardware store) by fixing small holes in your drywall with the trick below:
4. Hide a hickey
Leave the turtleneck in the drawer. If you and your partner got a little frisky last night and you have the red mark to prove it, try this home remedy:
5. Kiss stains goodbye
Remove sweat stains from your clothes with the solution below:
6. Give flowers a longer life
Fresh flowers are beautiful, but they die too quickly! Give your cut flowers a little more time with the technique below:
7. Give your car battery new life
Keep a bottle of aspirin in your glove box and never (hopefully) get stranded by a dead battery again. If you can't find anyone around to give you a jump, try tossing too aspirin into the battery. Aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid, and your car battery contains sulfuric acid. The chemical reaction between the two should give your battery enough power to get you to a nearby mechanic, Reader's Digest says.
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