10 potent home remedies for falling asleep fast

A good night's sleep is crucial to having a productive day. When sleep takes a flying leap, so does emotional stability, perspective, and stamina. Sometimes, the temptation is to grab something at the pharmacy to help you sleep.
In reality, there are a number of thing you can do to help yourself fall asleep quickly each night. Below are 10 things you can do at home that may help you fall asleep quickly and get a better night's rest.
1. Aerobic exercise. Working out during the day, according to the Mayo Clinic, may help you fall asleep more quickly.
2. Eat carbs. WebMD recommends eating carbs about four hours before going to bed as they will raise your blood sugar and may help you fall asleep more quickly.
3. Nix caffeine. Another suggestion by WebMD is to limit your intake of caffeine after noon.
4. No work before bed. MedicineNet recommends stopping work at least an hour before bedtime, allowing your mind time to wind down.
5. Use a nightlight. Bright lights in the middle of the night when using a restroom can cause you to wake up too much. Using a nightlight, according to MedicineNet, will allow you to see without disturbing your sleep.
6. Avoid large meals. Large meals within a few hours of bed can keep you from falling asleep. If you're hungry, the Mayo Clinic recommends eat a light snack.
7. Minimize noise. WebMD recommends doing what you can to minimize excess noise. MedicineNet says using earplugs to cut out the noise of snoring or traffic may help.
8. Minimize light. Using room darkening shades or a sleeping mask may help if light is a problem, according to MedicineNet.
9. Avoid worry. Keep paper and pen by your bed so that if worries come to mind while trying to sleep, you can write the items down to be dealt with in the morning. The Mayo Clinic recommends delegating responsibilities and talking through problems to help lower worry.
10. Avoid tobacco. WebMD states that the nicotine in tobacco acts like caffeine in coffee and should be avoided before bed.
Rather than spend hours fighting to fall asleep, try these simple tips. You may find that a few alterations to your lifestyle is all it takes to improve your sleep and wake up the next day ready for the challenges life throws at you.
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