Teas to help ease digestive pains, bloating and constipation

If you have a sensitive stomach, you'll love these tummy-happy teas for digestion.
1. Cumin, coriander, fennel. This earthy combination of spices is wonderfully soothing and highly effective for bloating and inflammation. Wellness Mama says the tea is an ancient Ayurvedic recipe that helped her husband recovering from a troubled gut after surgery.
2. Fennel, peppermint, ginger, chamomile. This recipe from theKitchn is useful for both soothing and preventing bloating and painful stomach cramps. It works because fennel stimulates the flow of bile, peppermint relaxes the digestive muscles, ginger stimulates saliva and bile, and chamomile relaxes muscle spasms.
3. Peppermint, chamomile, licorice, orange peel. This recipe comes courtesy of Martha Stewart, so you know it's good. Use dried herbs, make a big batch, and keep stored in a sealed glass jar to use whenever your stomach is feeling topsy-turvy.
4. Chamomile flowers, dried ginger. The powerful fusion of bitter chamomile flowers and warming ginger works together to release digestive enzymes and increase absorption of nutrients. Scratch Mommy says to steep the chamomile and ginger for a minimum of 10 minutes before drinking.
5. Fennel, ginger, lemon verbena. To support digestion, drink this Wakeup-World tea made from 2 teaspoons fennel seeds, 1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger, and 1 teaspoon dried lemon verbena in 500 ml (16 oz) water.
6. Pear, apple, grapes, cinnamon. Tea doesn't have to come from herbs. To make this tea from EcoSalon, steep 2 small slices of pear, 2 small slices of apple, 4-5 muddled purple grapes, and a dash of cinnamon in 250 ml (8 oz.) hot water. Pectin from the pear and apple prevents diarrhea and constipation, quercetin in grapes promotes healthy digestion, and cinnamon works to stimulate the metabolism.
7. Marshmallow root, rose bud, cinnamon. This soothing, warming tea from The Mountain Rose Blog is exactly what you need to prevent stomach aches and pains. Fill a pint jar with 3 parts marshmallow root, 2 parts rose buds, and 1 part cinnamon. Cover with cool water and refrigerate overnight. Strain the next day and enjoy after meals.
8. Lemongrass. This light tea is recommended by The Right Tea for kids with tummy aches. Mom and dad will also benefit from lemongrass tea after eating a large meal.
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