Essential summer-time uses of antiperspirant and deodorant

Deodorant and antiperspirant is every man and woman's best friend.
But did you know that those sticks, sprays, and rolls of freshness do a whole lot more than just keep away body odor? After this article you'll never think of deodorant the same way again.
1. Prevent chafing. Are you a runner but cry out in pain after a long run when your inner thighs burn endlessly? Do you love to wear skirts but hate the chafing that happens when your thighs rub together? According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, rubbing deodorant on your inner thighs can actually prevent chafing. Hallelujah! This trick also works for women who experience chafing under their breasts.
2. Keep your sunglasses in place. Are you constantly annoyed in the summer season by sunglasses that never seem to stay in place? Prevent sunglasses from sliding down your nose by rubbing just a bit of antiperspirant on the bridge of your nose, says kidspot. This will prevent your nose from sweating and therefor keep your glasses securely in place!
3. Prevent smelly feet. Few things are worse than the stench of stinky feet. Prevent smelly feet by applying deodorant to the bottoms of dry feet before going to bed. The deodorant will have time to seep into your pores and will keep feet dry and odor-free the whole next day, assures kidspot.
4. Prevent clammy hands. Are you nervous about a big interview? Anxious for a networking event? Terrified before a date? No fear! Simply rub antiperspirant on dry hands before you leave the house. Kidspot promises your handshake will be sweat-free.
5. Prevent blisters. Do you have a new pair of shoes that need breaking in? Whether the beautiful culprits are loafers or stilettos, by simply rubbing antiperspirant along the sides of your feet and around your heels, you can prevent blisters. The Krazy Coupon Lady explains this is because the antiperspirant creates a barrier between your foot and the shoe.
6. Soothe itchy bug bites. If you have a particularly nasty mosquito or spider bite, simply apply deodorant to the itchy site. Gurl says the itch will be gone in no time.
7. Slip on jeans. Have you gained a few more pounds than you'd like to admit? Do you still want to try to squeeze into your favorite pair of skinny jeans? You can! Take the advise of Gurl and simply rub deodorant on the outsides of your legs. The jeans will slide up with ease.
8. Relieve razor burn. A stick of deodorant can be a miracle worker against painful razor burn, says kidspot.
Who knew deodorant had so many fabulous uses beyond your armpits? With its ability to prevent blisters and help slip into skinny jeans, deodorant has just become your number one accessory on a night out! SHARE this article on social media and tell us where else YOU use deodorant!
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