The health benefits of ginger carrot juice

Ginger and carrot juice combined are a bit of a staple when it comes to healthy fruit juices. Professional and amateur juicers alike swear by the benefits of the tangy, sweet drink. But why exactly is the drink so popular with health fans? Let's explore what the two ingredients can help you do together.
1. Improve your heart health
While ginger is notably good at helping with indigestion and nausea, it is also useful against hypertension and heart disease, Herbs Info reports. Likewise, carrots are rich in antioxidants, according to Dr. Axe, which helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Carrots are also a great enemy of cholesterol, and allow the body to process fat more easily.
3. Keep your skin fresh and healthy
Beta-carotene, a highly valuable component in carrots, improves the skin's ability to heal quickly, Dr. Axe reports, and is commonly used for medical purposes. Recent findings indicate ginger may be capable of the same thing, Herbs Info says, and the antioxidants contained within both help prevent damage from exposure to UV rays.
4. Boost your immune system
The vitamin C and antioxidants in carrots boost the immune system and help fight off illnesses, Dr. Axe informs. Ginger, meanwhile, helps make you sweat, which is an excellent way to shed toxins and, according to World's Healthiest Foods, produce dermicidin, a special protein that helps fight harmful microorganisms like E. Coli and Staphylococcus.
4. Fight off cancer
The antioxidants present in carrots are also excellent at fighting off leukemia cells, Dr. Axe reports. Carrot juice reduces inflammation, which can also prevent cancer. Meanwhile, according to World's Healthiest Foods, a study established tumors were less likely to occur in subjects with a significant intake of gingerol, the primary component in ginger. The website also revealed gingerol can cause ovarian cancer cells to essentially self-destruct by eating themselves, a process called autophagocytosis.
Did you know about all of these properties? Ginger carrot juice may be delicious, but it helps provide a myriad of benefits to your body in all sorts of ways. Please share these tidbits on Facebook if you found them useful.
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